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KoreLock and LEGIC Partner to Offer Seamless Wi-Fi Enabled OEM Smart Lock Solutions for Lock Manufacturers

KoreLock, a leading IoT technology provider, is proud to partner with LEGIC Identsystems, a global leader in secure authentication, access management, and mobile credentialing solutions. The collaboration simplifies OEM Smart Lock development and integration processes while reducing time to market, costs, and risks associated with new product development.


KoreLock's patented, Wi-Fi direct Smart Lock technology offers a turnkey solution that combines cutting-edge IoT capabilities with the industry-leading LEGIC security platform.


"With the growing demand for wireless, cloud-connected Smart Locks, our partnership with LEGIC empowers lock manufacturers to deliver future-proof and feature-rich lock products for IoT ecosystems," said Rob Goff, KoreLock's Co-founder and VP of Product. "KoreLock's patented Intelligent Lock features and Wi-Fi capability add a new dimension to LEGIC’s mobile credentialing solution."


KoreLock's key differentiator is a ready-made, Wi-Fi-connected platform that integrates with any API and SDK. Together with LEGIC’s end-to-end mobile credentialing solution, the combined technologies enable lock manufacturers to create products that can be securely configured, managed, and monitored from the cloud and smartphone app.


Joey Yanire, Senior Business Development Manager, Americas of LEGIC, added, "We are thrilled to collaborate with KoreLock to offer lock manufacturers unique Wi-Fi direct plus advanced technology features that enhance management and data collection from access control, locking, and IoT devices."


By integrating KoreLock's embedded IoT technology platform with LEGIC's versatile Security Modules and LEGIC Connect mobile credentialing service, lock manufacturers can benefit from end-to-end security, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and RFID connectivity and participate in the LEGIC Wallet Program to enable access control based on popular smartphone wallets.

The Challenge

The companies invite lock manufacturers interested in expediting the development of new products to contact them to learn more.

Caption: Including lock manufacturers in LEGIC's Wallet Program opens up a world of possibilities for enhanced user experiences. By integrating the Wallet Program into their locks, manufacturers can enable users to activate BLE/NFC communications to conveniently lock/unlock Smart Locks, carry out transactions, access personalized services, and benefit from other value-added functionalities in an increasingly connected world.



For over 30 years, Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems has enabled companies globally to deploy solutions with demanding security requirements. The LEGIC Security Platform provides end-to-end security for smartphone- and smartcard-based access, mobility, shared resource, and industrial IoT applications based on key management, trusted services, and secure, contactless semiconductors. For more info, contact



KoreLock, Inc., is an IoT technology company based in Denver, Colorado, with over a decade of experience in wirelessly enabling lock hardware. It provides turnkey Smart Lock solutions that enable lock manufacturers and access control providers to build and sell Wi-Fi-connected locking devices. KoreLock's Smart Lock solutions are embedded in over 75,000 locking devices worldwide. For more info, contact


ISC West, April 10-12, 2024

Venetian Expo, Booth 18019, Las Vegas, NV

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