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KoreLock IoT Smart Lock patent for power savings presents game-changing opportunity for the industry

The new Smart Lock technology provides enhanced intelligence for access control that extends battery life while operating on existing WIFI networks.


Innovation is challenging and can provide a significant competitive advantage. That's precisely how KoreLock, Inc. differentiates its IoT Smart Lock technology business. KoreLock has a utility patent for controlling a lock's WIFI radio on and off state, delivering advanced intelligence and power savings previously unavailable in the market.

"KoreLock's patented intelligent heartbeat feature is critical to lengthening the battery life in locking devices – lowering ownership costs by leveraging an existing WiFi network and significantly reducing the frequency of battery replacement," states Rob Goff, patent inventor and KoreLock Co-Founder / VP Product. "No other WIFI-enabled lock has this level of sophisticated intelligence or power longevity."

KoreLock's IoT Smart Lock patent encompasses a method for operating WIFI-connected access control with a system of dynamic wake-up schedules for a wireless transceiver. These schedules control the frequency and what prompts the wireless transceiver to 'sleep' or 'wake up' to transmit or receive information. This intelligence saves significant energy when the WIFI is not in use.

"Because WIFI is an energy hog that consumes battery life, having the ability to cycle the status on and off for access control only when needed delivers significant cost savings. And going direct to WIFI eliminates the need for additional equipment, specifically gateways," adds Goff.

The KoreLock technology platform is delivered via a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) uniquely designed to meet a lock manufacturer’s needs. The KoreLock module is a plug-and-play smart lock on a chip with full-featured firmware, Wi-Fi for cloud connectivity, and Bluetooth for local control. KoreLock modules can be installed in door lock hardware, existing edge controllers, readers, keypads, electric strikes, maglocks, intercoms, and other devices with no new wiring.

KoreLock has engaged leading industry players, like Barcodes, UniKey, PDQ Manufacturing, and others. These partners have applied KoreLock's patent-protected power-saving technology to create new cloud-connected locking devices for commercial and residential uses.

KoreLock provides industry-leading, end-to-end IoT Smart Lock enablement to lock manufacturers, alternative locking mechanisms, and software platforms. The KoreLock technology offers advanced security features, such as remote access control, activity monitoring, and real-time alerts, making it an ideal solution for commercial and residential locks.


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