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PDQ Manufacturing and KoreLock team up to develop holistic integrated access control platform

Technology partnership provides white-label OEM Smart Lock solutions for the physical access control and security system industry.

“Hardware companies do hardware well, and software companies do software well, which is why PDQ and KoreLock have teamed up as strategic partners,” says Zach Klares, Vice-President of PDQ Manufacturing. “Our new integrated access control platform removes the barrier to entry and enables OEM manufacturers to go to market with IoT access control products under their established brands.”

PDQ Manufacturing is an established door hardware manufacturer offering industry-leading commercial-grade hardware designed and assembled in the USA. PDQ hired Zach Klares two years ago to chart a future path to fulfill the company’s vision of “securing tomorrow by creating a better commercial hardware experience today.”

“KoreLock has a unique advantage as a technology aggregator of many disparate access control software solutions, which is core to PDQ’s mission to diversify our WIFI-enabled electronic locking products and services,” reports Klares.

KoreLock’s technology platform provides the bridge that hardware and software companies need to convert existing offline locking devices into an IoT Smart Lock ecosystem. The KoreLock technology and software stack (firmware, cloud service, mobile, and web apps) allows PDQ and OEM manufacturers to expand their portfolios of access control products for new target markets or use cases.

“There is an underserved market for wireless locks hindered by supply chain and technology obstacles that lock manufacturers lack the resources to navigate successfully,” says Grant Walter, CEO and President of KoreLock, Inc. “KoreLock and PDQ have partnered to fulfill this growing commercial and SMB market need.”

Together, PDQ Manufacturing and KoreLock have designed and assembled a robust IoT Smart Lock hardware and software platform to help OEM access control providers of products like keycards and scanners leverage their traditional markets with new turnkey access control solutions.


About KoreLock

KoreLock is an IoT Smart Lock technology company that provides turnkey Smart Lock solutions that enable lock manufacturers and access control providers to build and sell connected locking devices. KoreLock's Smart Lock solutions are embedded in over 50,000 locking devices worldwide. The company is based in Denver, Colorado.

About PDQ Manufacturing

PDQ Manufacturing is a Buy American Act (BAA) compliant hardware manufacturer of over 8,300 mechanical locks, exit devices, door closures, hinges, key systems, and electrified and electronic products and solutions. PDQ serves 1,600 plus distributors in over 23 countries. The company is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


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