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KoreLock IoT Technology Milestones

How KoreLock is advancing its mission to be the universally adopted IoT technology platform that powers access control and smart locking devices globally.


2023 - The Year in Review

KoreLock’s embedded IoT technology reach grew from 50,000 to over 75,000 Smart devices worldwide in 2023. We welcomed new Business Development Director Paul Cernak, Supply Chain Manager Lindsey Harrison, and Systems Specialist Ryan Jacobs to the KoreLock team.


Developed Cost-effective Wi-Fi Smart Lock Series

KEYINCODE applied KoreLock’s power-saving technology to create new cloud-connected locking devices for commercial and residential uses.


Profiled by the Security Industry Association 

SIA reported how KoreLock came to market with a proven product-market fit, patented technology, and over a decade of expertise in wireless connectivity of locking mechanisms to access control platforms.


Recognized as a 2023 Security Industry Innovator

SecurityInfoWatch honored KoreLock CEO and President Grant Walter as a 2023 Security Industry Innovator Award winner for KoreLock's market-centric approach to providing interoperable WI-FI-ready IoT Smart Lock technology.


Provided White-Label OEM Smart Lock Solutions

PDQ Manufacturing and KoreLock partnered to develop a holistic, integrated access control platform for the physical access control and security system industry.


Announced Patent for Power Savings

KoreLock's IoT Smart Lock patent for power savings provides enhanced intelligence for access control that extends battery life while operating on existing WIFI networks.


Secured Series A Funding

KoreLock, an emerging IoT Smart Lock technology company, announced Series A funding with Iron Gate Capital, Kozo Keikaku Engineering, and CEO and President Grant Walter to support its development and expansion.


KoreLock has exciting new firmware, mobile app, PCBA, and product features in the pipeline coming soon!




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