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KoreLock's Expands ‘Intelligent Lock’ Patent Portfolio, Unveils a New Era in Lock Technology

KoreLock is pleased to announce that it has expanded its groundbreaking 'Intelligent Lock' patent portfolio, ushering in a new era of IoT Smart Lock technology in lock manufacturing. The company has strengthened its intellectual property foundation with several new forward-leaning patents, building on its initial base of two patents.


With these patents, manufacturers partnering with KoreLock can stay at the forefront of technological advancement, maintain a competitive edge in the industry, and differentiate their products.

KoreLock's patented IoT Smart Lock technology offers unique data transmission and power savings advantages. By adjusting the lock's transceiver wake-up schedule and signal strength, KoreLock's lock technology optimizes performance, delivering a key market advantage and overall operational savings. In addition, KoreLock's patents provide for continuous innovation and future-proofing by applying AI and machine learning to intelligent locks.

According to Rob Goff, Patent Author, Co-founder, and VP of Product, their technology focuses on the balance between power savings and connectivity. The KoreLock embedded IoT technology platform achieves this by detecting user access attempts and updating the operating schedule of the lock's wireless transceiver based on user patterns, reducing power consumption and optimizing performance.

"No other WIFI-enabled lock has this level of sophisticated intelligence or power longevity," said Goff.


By partnering with KoreLock, lock manufacturers can incorporate patented Smart Lock intelligence into their IoT and locking devices, elevating functionality and enhancing the user experience.


Why It Matters

Choosing a technology partner with patents, such as KoreLock, offers several benefits:

Demonstrates Expertise and Innovation: KoreLock's patented technology has undergone a rigorous process, highlighting unique ideas, technical advancements, and superiority over existing methods.


Protection of Intellectual Property: Partnering with KoreLock's patented technology not only grants legal rights but also safeguards a manufacturer's investment, protects confidential information and trade secrets, and provides a unique selling point in the market.

Access to Exclusive Technology: Incorporating KoreLock's patented technology differentiates products from competitors, giving a valuable edge in the market, elevating functionality, and enhancing the user experience. 

Collaboration and Licensing Opportunities: KoreLock's patents open doors for partnerships through licensing agreements, allowing manufacturers to leverage our technology and innovations to meet their specific needs, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Assurance of Quality and Reliability: Patents require a thorough examination of novelty, usefulness, and effectiveness, ensuring confidence in the performance of KoreLock's IoT Smart Lock technology.

Future-Proofing and Long-term Collaboration: KoreLock's patented technology demonstrates a dedication to research and development, enabling adaptation to changing market needs and positioning products for long-term success.


By investing in and developing new patents, KoreLock positions its partners to offer competitive, cutting-edge solutions and stay ahead of the market.

Lock manufacturers and access control providers interested in developing tech-competitive offerings are invited to contact KoreLock at to learn more and initiate the partnering process.  

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