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How it Works: KoreLock's Technology Platform

The new video demonstrates how the KoreLock technology platform architecture is constructed to deliver the features and functionality lock manufacturers need to develop Wi-Fi direct Smart Locks.

KoreLock VP Product Rob Goff developed the creative brief and provided his guidance in the video.

Unlock the potential of your smart lock products with KoreLock's technology platform. Learn how it integrates IoT technology, mobile apps, and cloud APIs with any lock manufacturer or access control software product. Watch the video and read more to learn how the KoreLock technology platform can bring your next Smart Lock product to life.


What will viewers learn by watching the KoreLock technology platform video?


Viewers of the video will learn how the KoreLock platform architecture is constructed with IoT technology including BLE, Wi-Fi, mobile apps, cloud infrastructure, and APIs that lock manufacturers need to build and connect Wi-Fi direct Smart Locks.


  • EMBEDDED FIRMWARE AND PCBAS: Custom circuit boards and advanced firmware needed to run a Smart Lock.

  • MOBILE APPS: Intuitive white-label mobile apps for local and remote access that control Smart Locks.

  • CLOUD APIs: A unified cloud-based experience that integrates with industry-leading access control platforms.


What are the main benefits of the KoreLock technology platform?


KoreLock provides a sustainable path forward for lock manufacturers and access control software platforms to stay relevant in the future.  It provides ready-made embedded smart lock solutions that significantly accelerate time to market and limit development risk and costs. KoreLock's IoT technology is supported by our mobile apps, cloud service, and integration with industry-leading access control platforms.


What makes the KoreLock unique in the market?


KoreLock is unique because we do not aspirations to be in the physical locking hardware or access control software space. KoreLock can inject its technology platform into any locking mechanism to get our partners quickly and affordably to market without the risk of trying to build a platform on their own. Our proven platform can be quickly form-fitted to any lock hardware. We specialize in bringing turnkey interoperable technology to market as a bridge between independent software and hardware companies that aren't part of the industry behemoths.


What is the KoreLock technology platform video script?


Today, locks need to be "smart" to meet consumer demand for connectivity. But making hardware smart is easier said than done.


Luckily, there is KoreLock. KoreLock quickly and easily transforms your lock products with our IoT technology ecosystem.


Our Smart Lock platform enables Bluetooth communication for local control, white-label mobile apps, Wi-Fi communication with the Internet, cloud infrastructure for remote monitoring and control, and cloud-to-cloud APIs for integration with any third-party app and access control software.


KoreLock's embedded technology can be customized to fit any lock hardware, effectively putting the Smart in your Lock.


KoreLock does it all—Turnkey, ready-made OEM technology built for you. Connect with KoreLock today.


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