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Introducing KoreLock: Embedded IoT Smart Lock Technology

New video shows how KoreLock excels as a turnkey interoperable solution for lock manufacturers and access control software providers.

KoreLock's CEO Grant Walter and VP of Product Rob Goff were interviewed to develop the creative brief for this new video which explains how KoreLock works.

Watch the video and read more to gain insights into how the KoreLock technology platform can bring your next Smart Lock product to life.

Tell us about your products and services. 

KoreLock, Inc. is an IoT technology company that provides turnkey embedded Smart Lock solutions that enable door locks or access control hardware manufacturers to build and sell WiFi and BLE-connected locking devices.


KoreLock serves a vast market of lock manufacturers, specialty lock brands, and software companies looking to convert their existing offline locks into cloud-connected Smart Locks. Our patent-protected technology is embedded in over 75,000 locking devices in 65+ countries and has been tested and proven for over a decade.


KoreLock specializes in delivering firmware and PCBAs, mobile apps, and cloud infrastructure that streamline lock manufacturers' ability to overcome the complexities of developing connected Smart Locks, reduce costs, and shorten their overall time-to-market for new products. 


Describe your customers' pain points. How does KoreLock solve their problems?


Smart Locks are the future, but R&D costs for small to midsize lock manufacturers can be astronomical. KoreLock provides all the technology lock manufacturers need to convert their existing offline locks into connected Smart Locks. KoreLock partners with companies whose end-use customers demand connected products that are difficult for the lock makers to develop. 


Many traditional lock companies have tried to develop new IoT Smart Lock products but have yet to do so after realizing they need the capabilities to do it themselves. Hardware companies and software companies alike believe the "middleware" part of the puzzle is easy to solve; it is not. KoreLock has the only inter-operable proven process available to the market with feature advantages exceeding others through its patent-protected intellectual property.


Battery-powered, wireless, internet direct connectivity is a complicated problem to solve for the use cases that require it. KoreLock's technology platform features, including power consumption savings, can be applied to current power-hungry WiFi and cellular RF communication.


When you are left looking around, asking: "Who can figure out the best technology path for my locking hardware into the 21st century? KoreLock is the answer."


What will your customer gain? What are KoreLock's main benefits?

KoreLock dramatically simplifies the process for lock manufacturers to offer connected access control. We can inject our embedded IoT technology platform into any locking mechanism and get our partners to market quickly and affordably ---- without the risk of building an IoT technology platform on their own.

KoreLock's customer benefits include:

• Faster go-to-market timelines and lower upstart costs,

• Confidence that new Smart Lock products will work as intended and

• Cutting-edge Smart Lock product offerings. 

Their ultimate customer goals KoreLock addresses are to develop and sell more IoT-connected products and maintain relevance and leadership in the marketplace.


Does KoreLock have a unique sales proposition? 


Innovation is challenging and can provide a significant competitive advantage. That's precisely how KoreLock, Inc. differentiates its IoT Smart Lock technology business.


KoreLock has a utility patent for controlling a lock's WIFI radio on and off state, delivering advanced intelligence and power savings previously unavailable in the market.


KoreLock provides industry-leading, end-to-end IoT Smart Lock enablement to lock manufacturers, alternative locking mechanisms, and software platforms. The KoreLock technology offers advanced security features, such as remote access control, activity monitoring, and real-time alerts, making it an ideal solution for commercial and residential locks.


KoreLock provides a long-run sustainable path forward for software platforms relying on locking hardware companies to stay relevant into the future. Our intellectual property contains patent protection, including machine learning and artificial intelligence fortified within and controlling a wireless locking mechanism.

If a hardware provider wants to remain relevant well into the future, KoreLock is the key to unlocking your potential. (Pun intended.)

Who is KoreLock's target audience? Who is your ideal customer?

Our target customers are CEOs, Presidents, VPs of Electronics, VPs of Product Development, Directors of Manufacturing, Systems Planning Designers, Senior Hardware Engineers, Senior Embedded Software Engineers, and New Product Development Managers. Over 95% are in the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, and Europe. Some are engineers with advanced college degrees. Many of our clients and partners grew up in the lock manufacturing industry and have worked their way up the ladder.

How is KoreLock different from its competitors? What makes KoreLock better?


What makes KoreLock different is our patented technology platform for controlling a lock's WiFi radio on and off state, delivering advanced intelligence and power savings previously unavailable in the market. KoreLock's cloud-connected advanced security features, such as remote access control, activity monitoring, and real-time alerts, made it the ideal solution for new Smart Lock applications.

KoreLock is unique because we do not have any aspirations to be in the physical locking hardware space or the access control software space. We specialize in bringing interoperable technology to market as a bridge between independent software and hardware companies not part of the industry behemoths.



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