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KoreLock Co-Founder Rob Goff honored as a “2024 Legend of the Lock Industry"

Locksmith Ledger International recognizes Rob Goff for his commitment to revolutionizing access control and his focus on designing user-friendly, cost-effective Smart Lock solutions.

Locksmith Ledger reports on the latest technologies, installation procedures, and business practices for locksmith and security professionals. The publication recently recognized KoreLock Co-Founder and VP Product Rob Goff alongside other KoreLock partners and industry leaders from dormakaba, Q Technologies, NL Locks, Allegion, ASSA ABBLOY, and others.

Rob Goff's passion for improving access control systems, commitment to energy efficiency, and ability to simplify the lock manufacturing process make him a true legend in the industry.

Robert Goff is an accomplished leader in the lock industry, serving as the VP of Product and Co-founder of KoreLock. With extensive experience spanning 16 years, Rob has demonstrated steadfast expertise and commitment to revolutionizing access control. His focus on designing user-friendly, cost-effective, and accessible smart lock solutions has propelled industry evolution. He was a driving force behind the successful delivery of KoreLock's product line, ensuring high customer satisfaction and a competitive edge.

Rob's most remarkable accomplishment is his pioneering work in energy-efficient IoT technology. His patented technology platform, which controls a lock's Wi-Fi radio on and off state, has brought advanced intelligence and power savings to the market, successfully extending smart lock battery life while functioning on existing Wi-Fi networks.

Rob's forward-thinking approach led to the creation of four patents, offering new options for Wi-Fi direct locking devices and introducing innovative technology that expanded the possibilities for smart lock features. Through his contributions, Rob has advanced security measures and significantly reduced the energy consumption of smart locks, showcasing his dedication to sustainable solutions.

KoreLock's IoT technology patent encompasses a method for operating Wi-Fi-connected access control with a system of dynamic wake-up schedules for a wireless transceiver. These schedules control the frequency and what prompts the wireless transceiver to 'sleep' or 'wake up' to transmit or receive information. This intelligence saves significant energy when the Wi-Fi is not in use.

Due to Wi-Fi being a power-intensive technology that drains battery life, the option to toggle the status on and off for access control only when necessary can result in substantial cost savings. Going directly to Wi-Fi eliminates the need for additional equipment, specifically gateways.

Today, KoreLock's IoT-connected technology is installed in over 75,000 devices worldwide, in homes, hotels, vacation rentals, offices, or public buildings. Our IoT technology offers advanced security features, such as remote access control, activity monitoring, and real-time alerts, making it an ideal solution for commercial offices, hospitality, public buildings, and residential locks.

Furthermore, Rob's ability to integrate his patented technology into a turnkey, white-label smart lock technology platform has revolutionized the lock industry. His comprehensive solution is not only easily implementable by any lock manufacturer or brand but also effectively streamlines the market readiness process. The integration of Rob Goff's IoT technology platform has significantly reduced time to market, product development costs, and risks for lock manufacturers. By leveraging Goff’s platform, manufacturers can focus on their core competencies while relying on a proven and reliable smart lock solution, leading to more efficient product launches that benefit both the industry and consumers.

Rob Goff introduced KoreLock to the market in 2022 and spending over 14 years in product development and marketing at RemoteLock. As part of that team, he defined, developed, and launched multiple successful software applications and smart lock products, creating unique, user-friendly solutions that simplify access control. Rob transformed traditionally complex aspects of access control into cost-effective, accessible SaaS and hardware for scores of access control partners in residential and commercial applications.

Rob Goff’s CV and experience includes: KoreLock Inc., Co-Founder and VP Product, – 2022 to Present RemoteLock, VP of IoT Product, VP and Director of Product Management, Director of Marketing, 2008 – 2022 Author, Intelligent Lock Utility Patents, U.S. Patent No. 10,366,556 B1 (2019), U.S. Patent No. 10,699,500 B2 (2020), U.S. Patent No. 11,482,063 B2 (2022), U.S. Patent No. 18/244,122 (Pending 2024) Member, Security Industry Association, Electronic Security Association, ASIS International, and the Door Hardware Institute – Present (via KoreLock, Inc.).


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